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GOD DAMMIT, ADD ME ALREADY. [06 Dec 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | ADD ME BIATCHES. ]


my new LJ is: antischism77

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[01 Dec 2004|12:46am]

antischism77 ADD ME BITCH.

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[29 Nov 2004|04:55pm]

i added all of you, please add me back. my new LJ is antischism77


blood guts and chicken nuts
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[28 Nov 2004|11:48pm]

add my new LJ. antischism77

and add my new AIM sn: antischism77

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[28 Nov 2004|02:06pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I never really listened to OpIvy much but now that I have, I'm obsessed. Is it just me, or do they kick way too much ass?

Fell asleep early last night. I left a bowl of cereal to sog and disintegrate on the kitchen table. I woke up around 1:00 PM and was amazed at how late I seemed to wake up. Oh well, I love my sleep.

im making a new layout, make sure you guys look in an hour or so.

being vegan has been okay so far.. but im already getting chorizo y huevos cravings. aye yaye yaye.

alright i found a website i think you all would like very much. it's sort of about freedom of speech, and freedom of the press but it's theme is basically "for people with a critically rational individualist perspective".. meaning indie press, and people who like them. check it out.


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[28 Nov 2004|12:29am]
[ mood | cold ]

alright people i did a major community cleaning out thingie. i removed myself from 6-8 communities, if any of them are yours do not take any offense. i either noticed that

a) your community is dead as a doorknob.
b) i have no clue why i am in there in the first place.
c) i feel that community does nothing for me, and i do nothing for it.
d) your community just plain sucks.

I went vegan.

i want to try it out.

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[27 Nov 2004|04:53pm]
i downloaded soulseek. i've been having fun talking to all of the cute little crusty boys. soulseek is definitely better than kazaa. it has way more stuff. on kazaa i couldnt find ANY masskontroll, diskonto, dissucks, assucks, disclose, disfear, crucial unite, caustic christ, cluster bomb unit, ill repute, 9 shocks terror, inepsy, napalm death, econochrist, zounds, vivisick.. i mean none of my favorite crust bands. on soul seek there's like.. 3490582309485092348. i swear. fucking crazy.

today i walked downtown and miranda saw how short the sides of my head are (mohawkness) and she was like "PHOEBE! what the fuck did you do to your hair?" and i was like "MIRANDA! what the fuck did you do to your face?" then i spit on her shoe and belched REALLY loud. she was like "shut the fuck up. you're disgusting" and kinda laugheed.. she started to walk away and I called her Blowjob Betty and she just glared and kept walking. I guess we arent friends anymore from the looks of it.

LARRY CAME OVER LAST NIGHT! he is such a cutie. he stayed from like 11 PM to 4:30 AM and i swear he is so fucking hot. we were smoking bowl after bowl and suddenly i realised he was irresistable. i swear man i was sitting next to him and he kept eye-ing me and i just wanted to fucking jump on him and makeout with him. i swear. the only person he has had sex with is miranda and that was 2 years ago and he is 18. he is perfect. plus i can make miranda mad.. mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

you dont have to like crust u can be in it to learn about it and shit. please?
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[26 Nov 2004|04:07pm]



mine just plain out sucked. my dad and i didnt plan anything because blake was supposed to pick us up and bring us to her new house for a vegan skanksgiving but the bitch didn't show so we had a simple dinner with the neighbors. oh well i have nothing to be thankful for anyways.. i mean, not things you're supposed to be thankful for on skanksgiving. i'm thankful for my music, my beer, and my drugs. my friends too. thats about it. meh. fuck skanksgiving in it's dirty turkey-genocide-causing ass.

aaaaaaaaaaaanyways i talked to powda last night. it was cool. im still coming on the 6th. we argued about lots of things, such as vivisection and pills and the like. it was rather.. time consuming. he always kids around with me and uses this cute little voice and says "phoebe.. i wub yoo" haha its so cute.

man the sides of my head are almost bald hahaha and i cut my mohawk a little shorter and OH NO. I STARTED TEASING IT AGAIN. IM TOO LAZY TO PUT IT UP WITH A BLOWDRYER AND PRODUCTS SO.. I TEASED IT! *CRIES*

HAHA i was talking to HORNY TAMARA LEE and she called me a crackhead and i came up with the funniest insult.. i called her a CLIT CHEWING HOOKERDOG SLUTRIPPING BUTTHOLEREAPING' PIPESUCKING MONSTER THONG! hahha that is so great.

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[25 Nov 2004|02:40pm]

what're your plans?
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[25 Nov 2004|11:05am]
[ mood | anxious ]

happy turkey day!

tonight we're having 2 thanksgivings. one at Blake's with a bunch of hippies eating an all-vegan dinner.. then one with jono, dusty, smitty, and david bloom and whoever else is coming and those people are doing a jazz performance. w00t w00t. i love blake. she is a major hippy but she is so liberal and into punk and just wild and crazy. i just love her.

talked to powddddda last night. he had squatter splinter over there. splinter is a scumfuck and he is cool as sliced bread man. he said he is going to eat my puke and let me piss in his mouth. how cool is that? then powda and him were fighting over who gets to eat my puke and beat the shit out of me. (im sorry but im somewhat of a masochist. bloody kisses turn me onnn like whoa. i think melissa's masochism is contagious haha MELISSA I LOVE YOU COME SEE ME.) anyways yesssssssss im coming on jan 6 to mutt.

I AM KEEPING MY MOHAWK. i buzzed the sides and left a little strip of hair along my hairline. it looks so awesome i wish i had my dig cam already :( :( :(

i'm sorry.
i'm sorry if i offended any of you with my post about the whole "dont conform" thing.
i mean YEAHH punks arent like %100 original but they are more original than any other kind of people i can think of. i mean could you eat puke or spit on your own clothes in front of a preppy and live through it? or a gangsta? okay god i hate labels i shall stop using them now. but yeah, you know what i mean. their music is more truthful and to the point than anything else, i mean COME ON you gotta love'em!! <3!

well you play that tarantela all the hounds will start to roar. the boys all go to heaven with the cubans at the floor. they'll ride along the pipelines and they'll tango til they're soar. take apart their nightmares and they leave'em by the door. let me fall out of the window with confetti in my hair, deal out jacks or better on a blanket by the stair, i'll tell you all my secrets but i'll lie about my past. so send me off to bed forever more. - tom waitsCollapse )

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[24 Nov 2004|04:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]

last night was so fucking cool.

powda called me to thank me for the CDs i bought for him. then we talked for like 3 hours. he was all hyped up on V and wine. we finalized with us and our parents that im going to see him in FL on Jan 6. I'm buying the plane ticket.

we already decided when i get there we're going to get all fuckedup on wine and mutt in his bedroom. it shall be beautiful. im keeping my mohawk so we can both be mohawk buddies. he makes me feel so good. i went to sleep after he called me, and it was the best night i've had in years. and this morning i felt the best i have felt in years. i almost cried because i was so happy in the shower. it was so beautiful.

i really realllllly like him. he makes me so fucking happy. he was all "you know whats the best? getting drunk and cuddling with someone you really like. And I really like you." and he told me he loved me and such. it was so cute man. i know when i see him again and get off that plane im going to be so nervous. he is such a cutie man. ugh he makes me feel so gooood. im glad that i know now i dont have to pretend anymore.

baby dont ya know.. i dont give a damn where ya goCollapse )

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[23 Nov 2004|01:55pm]
[ mood | discontent ]


Andrew, that was byfar the best bit of film i have ever seen in my entire life. thanks for sending it to me hahaha. you are cuter than i remember.

anyways i just got back from school. miranda and donny came to wake me up around 10.. i was like FUCKING A ITS TOO DAMN EARLY! rofl. we smoked some pot and shit. then went to school. blake didnt come today. i was sort of looking forward to it today. hmph.

alright i got paid $100 like 4 days ago now i have $3. i need to stop letting people borrow $ i mean fuck.
bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum BUM beeCollapse )

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[22 Nov 2004|05:22pm]
[ mood | cold ]

alright everyone listen up.

i've had this LJ for like fucking 5 months mwahaha. anyways i love it and i dont want to change it but i must.

2 months ago i had AOL but we got rid of it and i guesss its still billing on my moms credit card so she called in and is getting it canceled. therefore, my AOL screen name that i only use on AIM now, sexbeerdrugs77, will be deleted.

i always make sure my accounts for everything (ebay, LJ, aol/aim, pc, etc.) are all the same name and password so i dont forget them. i will have to get a new sn and i am going to get a new LJ in return so i dont get all mixed up.

i fucking hate it when my accounts for yahoo and aol and LJ and pc and ebay are completely diff. user names and passwords because it gets confusing and i cant remember which is which.


click the cut, bitch.Collapse )

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[22 Nov 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

damn. 3 days til thanksgiving and i am completely fucking clueless on what we're doing. i'd be fine even if we had no thanksgiving.. or maybe just a kegger. i dont know.

the hollywood dude didnt callll of course. hm. i went downtown this morning for decaf for Eddie, and for some bacon. i didnt get to eat it because i had to go to school though. FUCKING A. im huuuuuungry. ill have some of the rice crispies i brought. anyways i saw larry downtown and talked for a bit. we saw some dogs in an SUV that looked just like the Target dogs! fuck yeah.

alright the scene is really pissing me off right now. i don't even LIVE in a place with a scene and it still pisses me off. people hate anything that ever made it big. people hated great musicians like the beatles because they were humongously famous. i know kids who look for punk bands online just for the sole purpose of finding bands that arent as "commercial as the casualties" as some of them say. all MTV music isn't bad. it's MTV that is bad. I mean I like the white stripes and the hives and the vines and the strokes. they're fucking awesome. i like the yeah yeah yeahs too.

i mean YEAH they are on MTV but that doesnt mean they suck. and YEAH they are on MTV but that doesnt mean they dont deserve respect for how fucking hard they worked to get where they are.

ALSO. alll of the "punkers" i know are all about DONT CONFORM!! but they all wear the same exact pair of converse chucks or docs and have the same exact mohawk (maybe a diff color but it still looks the same) and the same fucking patches and leather jackets! the same exact band shirts! im fucking tired of the scene. im growing my damn mohawk out.

I MEAN FUCK. thats why i have so much respect for Jello Biafra. he sang in a punk band and GOD was he fucking amazing. but did you ever see him with a mohawk or liberty spikes or a scuffed up jacket with studs? he remained true to the scene without going commercial, also. if he walked down the street u'd never guess he was into punk/a "punk". he is brilliant.

anyways enough of my rant.

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[21 Nov 2004|04:02pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

tiger army is fucking amazing. w00t. i talked to squatter zach after not seeing him for a month. he's in santa cruz, and brendon and KC went back to rhode island. poor kids. yesterday the perv neighbors cool ass dad came and we let him stay at our house. he is fucking awesome he used to jam with benny goodman and fats waller and he plays bass guitar and trumpet. he's fucking awesome. he was stranded on an island in Brazil one time for 3 days and was in the Navy man.

powda is coming soon. w00t w00t! <3

tiger, tiger burning bright nowCollapse )

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[20 Nov 2004|08:45pm]
[ mood | weird ]

started my diet today. i'm not dieting because i think i'm fat, but i'm dieting because i think i need to lose some bad eating habits and start eating healthily again. Cabbage soup tonight. My dad made it. It was fucking bad ass. Cybirk, my Dad, and I all had a nice long conversation about Timothy Leerie, his documentary, and numerous drugs. It was quite the refresher. MELISSA. fuck I miss you. you need to update your LJ more often. I love you so much, HOOKERDOG. <3

i had this weird dream. I dreamed I lived in NYC again and I had a boyfriend. He was hispanic, tall, with black liberty spikes. Well we had an amazing day. I mean just laying around, cuddling, kissing, being so affectionate and I remember feeling like I was in love. I then went to his house and knocked on his door. His mom said he was playing video games with one of his friends, and I remember she didn't speak english very well.. But I looked over her shoulder and saw this hispanic chick inside making out with him. I was heartbroken. Later that day (still in the dream) my dad and I went to the grocery store and I was standing in some girls way so I said "Oh sorry" and smiled and I turned and it was the hispanic chick. I remember feeling really awkward.

I really don't believe in dreams "symbolizing" certain aspects of my life, but if it did I know what it would mean. I remember one of my best guy friends named Abraham, hispanic + tall + liberty spikes, and we had sort of a fling. We flirted around a lot for a few days. Then one day we got drunk with his mom and his sister and his sisters and my friend, Yolanda. I remember he payed no attention to me and was sort of.. all up on Yolanda. I remember how awkward it was when Yolanda and I hung out later and talked and ran into eachother. I really try not to think about that shit that happened so maybe my dream meant I shouldnt try to forget my past because it happened to me and it'll always be a part of me and my lameXcore ass needs to realise that.

i dont know maybe i am just a little too stoned.

chagga chagga chagga chagga OOP! bo jangles!Collapse )

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[19 Nov 2004|10:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

fucking people. all these people i know who consider themself "punk" are all "anti-society" "anti-corporate" and all that shit. but you judge me on my music like it's some sort of social contest, YOU KNOW WHO. who gives a fuck if I like Vice Squad? No matter how many times you tell me you hate the Spikey Hair song, I will play it and stick the fucking stereo in your ass and ask if it tickles.

I'm sorry I like what I like, and I am sorry you want to be an obnoxious prick and judge me for it. And don't give me that shit about "It's just a joke!" I'm sorry but a joke that runs for 5 months and you tell me it everytime you talk to me is NOT a good joke and doesn't deserve to even be called one. so, lick me where i pee and take your hypocritical bitch ass to the curb, nukka.

ANYWAYS. i made a few cool things in photoshop. they suckk but i am a beginner. care to see?

photoshopness.Collapse )

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[19 Nov 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

fuck. i'm at school. god damn Mr. Wauson watches Ambush Makeover all day every fucking day.

Miranda Donny and I went outside and got free sodas for refilling Wauson's soda machine. We're so radXcore.

then I counted the money and got another free soda. why am I such a pig?

I talked to that Hollywood dude. it turns out he does want me to be on MTV and all that stupid shit but he says Avril is nothing but a publicity stunt and that she sucks and he wants me to get in a band and get good before i get a record deal. what do you guys think? I don't know. I really hate MTV. corporate bastards. Most of their music sucks man. The only good shit I have seen on there is like.. umm. the hives, the strokes, jet, the donnas, the yeah yeah yeahs and i like radiohead/cold play. if i was ever even going to think about being on MTV i'd have to revolutionize what MTV calls "rock". i'd have to kick so much ass, because if I take this chance I don't want to be some little pop band like GC.. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I'd have to be a rockin' bitch and if I can't accomplish that, than fuck Jono in his butt. he says the first thing he would do is get me a gig at the X games or the Gorge Games or whatever, since he is a street looger and he is all into Extreme Sports. He is friends with like Tony Hawk and shit so I could soo easily get a gig through him. I don't know man this is all confusing. what do you think?

wtf? the DATE on my LJ update page says January 24, 1970.. ?


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[18 Nov 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

haha i made a cool picture.

mwahahaha. i am so fucking talented. fuck. :P

__so_hott is the most ignorant community i have ever applied to. YOU KNOW WHO, thanks for telling me to fucking apply, dumb bitch. anyways they said i look like i shower 3 times a week and someone called me a "dumpster kid".. then some bitch was like "I never said what u said abotu pot was wrong!!" THEN she was like "why would u put urself around one drug (pot) but not any of the other ones? Even if its just a little wrong, its STILL wrong!" i was like WTF lying ass bitch. hahahahaha. anyways you guys should alll harass her up the booty hey lj is h0ldxmexclose go tell her she's a prissy MTV zombie hypnotised by society.. she'll get so mad. ROFL. she also said "mohawks are ugly and weird, not hot!!" hahaha.

anyways i love u all. do u love me?

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[18 Nov 2004|09:44am]
[ mood | energetic ]

yesterday was shite, but it doesn't cease to exist, therefore i must tell you about it.

eh i woke up and miranda came. fucking bitch. i made up some lie saying i didnt work all weekend so i cant have anyone over for a week because i have to work and my dad will ground me if i have any distractions that are shieldable. anyways she came over and we went to school and i called my dad and i told her he said now i cant have people over for 3 weeks. SALVATION. she didnt come over today. dumb bitch.

today im turning in my application to the Record. it's a cute little cafe that sells coffee and organic foods. hopefullllly i'll make it and shit will be grand. i can finally buy a enw dig. cam. YAY!

anyways i took a few new pics with my teachers camera and im taking more today so i can update and show you guys what i look like after alll this time of not having my dig. hahahahaha.


bleh my dads hollywood friend jono came over yesterdayyyy and i was all singing to the distillers and he asked me if i wanted a record deal.. the first thing i said was "fuck you! i mean.. sorry it was a reflex." hahahahahahaha it was hilarious. what should i do? i told him to call me today and shit. but i dont know if i want a record deal if its one of those things where i get on MTV or whatever fucking shit. i mean fuck.

now, off to school i go. im taking some rice crispies to school and using the teacher's milk he has in the fridge for cereal. YUM!

kinky sex makes the world go 'roundCollapse )

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